Hello Peeps 🙂

Welcome to a very special blog. 🙂 Today,I turn 26 and feel elated to be able to write this blog and share it with all of you.Now,many of you might think,that there is nothing great about turning a year older and celebrating it.But,I feel birthdays pave way for new beginnings and adventures. It’s just that we need to believe in the magic of those beginnings.  🙂

Last year, at the same time I was still contemplating about starting my blog and never thought a year later I would actually be living my dream. It’s true, that I have miles to go and a lot to achieve, but then they say, that getting started is the biggest challenge and you never know what new doors will open in another one year. The key is just to keep moving even amidst downfalls, disappointments and setbacks. After all, you need to fall down a deep hole to reach wonderland. 😉

This blog is special to me not only because it’s my birthday blog but also the pictures bring back all the beautiful memories of my childhood. Going to fairs,buying balloons and playing with bubbles is something all of us can relate to.Though growing old is inevitable,becoming old is optional. It’s true that with each passing year we add numbers to our age,however,that doesn’t mean that we have to leave our inner child behind. After all these memories are a part of who we are today.

In this blog, I represent some beautiful recollections of my childhood through the medium of fashion. 🙂 To be honest, I never planned the blog to be centered around this outfit. But the quirky print of the jacket perfectly complemented the backdrop, shoot location and the theme for this blog. As a child I loved going to fairs and my eyes would lit up at the sight of the Ferris-Wheel. I felt the same happiness while shooting  and possibly couldn’t have found a better idea for penning down this article.

Hope, I am able to convey my bliss through this pictures.Have a great time reading the blog. Chao .. 🙂

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Hello Friends,

With the monsoon in its full glory,comes the time for long drives and wonderful trips. Everything about monsoon is love at first sight,the floating clouds in the sky,the gentle breeze,smell of drenched earth or the musical sound of the drizzle.Though,the rainy season brings out various colors of nature,when it comes to fashion,the grey weather can sometimes dampen your style,be it in the form of frizzy hair or not being able to wear your favourite trousers or match those lovely white heels with your outfit.

While the gloomy weather does threaten to steal the fun out of fashion,we can easily make the table turns and give our monotonous outfits a fashionable spin by making the right choice in clothing.By right choice I mean bright colors,quirky prints,short numbers and light fabrics.Ditch your full length trousers and make way for cute shorts,knee-pants or capris,switch jackets with light-weight and quirky shrugs,opt for brighter hues instead of dull greys and black.Lastly,pack away your stilettos and leather shoes and slip into waterproof and open-toe sandals for the utmost comfort.

Keeping in mind the above rules for monsoon dressing,I have created two looks featuring two different tops from .In the first look,I have kept the color game strong by pairing a bright orange top with cute denim shorts and open toe sandals.The best thing about the top is its cut-flared sleeves,which immediately lifts up the entire look. Also,I have added a metal choker to give the outfit an indo-western twist. However, this look is good to go even without any added accessories. 🙂

For the second look I have chosen the most sought-after print of the season i.e. ‘Gingham’. The blue and white gingham top,with the rose patch work on one side is probably one of my favourites.The light-weight fabric of the top makes it super easy to wear,when the clouds come pouring down.

Both the looks are extremely comfortable and affordable.Also, ajio offers many other options at wallet friendly prices and has new collection coming in at regular intervals.So,what are you waiting for? Head over to and get your hands on the quirkiest and trendiest fashion of the season.

Do leave your feedback in the comment section below. Looking forward to hear from you. Ciao .. 🙂 :*

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Hey Lovely People 🙂

How you all are doing ? It has been a long time since I have written a post and I was dying to write this one. 🙂 Hope you were as eager to read the new post and hence without further ado, let me jump into the main content of the blog.

I always love experimenting when it comes to fashion.Wearing old clothes in new ways,mixing different pieces and creating new styles,cross-dressing,so on. And I thoroughly adore how fashion today has evolved from beauty to identity. It is more about creating trends, taking inspiration from history,art and culture. One such interesting piece of clothing that dates back to 10th century and has been in and out of fashion over the years is the ‘cape’ .

Formerly, the cape was worn to symbolize the rank and occupation of the wearer. In Victorian era, it was a hallmark of high fashion,which brought the scarlet capes into picture. Scarlet capes were bright red capes that were worn by women with good societal background. With the onset of modern-era, the capes were no more a symbol of high society or style but a significant fashion accessory and provide some great layering options.

For this post, I have paired two different capes with the same pair of jeans and slip top,which shows how you can create stunning styles with the basic pieces in your wardrobe. In the first look I am using a cape with flower motifs and paired it with ethnic silver jewellery to give it a classic indo-western twist. For the second look, I have replaced the cape with a Lacey sleeveless red one.I got this one stitched from a local tailor in Indore at a very nominal price and used to wear it with an ethnic suit.While playing around  with the different pieces in my wardrobe, I created this look which gives my modern ensemble a desi twist.

I always feel that fusion wear is like a breath of fresh air that can brighten up any monotonous outfit. Moreover, adding silver jewellery to an indo-western look immediately lifts up your style game. This look can be easily worn in festivals or wedding functions if you are not someone who likes heavy Indian outfits. All you need to do is put together the right pieces and voila you will have a great ensemble in no time.

Hope you love the pairings.Looking forward to your lovely comments and feedback !!


Flower Motif Cape : Max fashion

Red Lace Cape : Stitched (Local Tailor,Indore)

Silver Jewellery : Aada Bazaar,Indore

Ethnic Mojri : Mochi Bazaar, Indore

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Being Priyanka !!!

“We’re told we’re too provocative or that being sexy is our strength, which it can be,and it is,but that’s not the only thing we have.”

These are the words of a woman who,before hitting the spotlight was just another teenager dealing with issues that all of us go through in our high school years. The Quantico star ,who has taken Bollywood as well Hollywood by storm,was once a victim of  bullying and racism.She was addressed by the name”Curry”,while studying in the US. In fact,the racism got so bad that eventually she had to leave US and come back to India for further studies.

Even though she returned to India after being defeated by the hands of racism,but today she has achieved the zenith, where she is strongly voicing her opinions against discrimination and stereotyping in Hollywood.From being bullied,to winning the Miss World title,becoming leading Bollywood actress,finding fame in Hollywood and in due time joining hands with UNICEF as their ‘Global Goodwill Ambassador’,this exceptional woman has left no stones upturned.

‘Priyanka’,the name itself is an inspiration for millions of women across the world.Yes,she is Miss World,a renowned Bollywood actress and now gaining name in Hollywood through her stints in Quantico and Baywatch but what heartens me more is the work she has been doing with UNICEF as their Goodwill Ambassador.

In the month of December 2016,Priyanka joined hands with UNICEF as their Global Ambassador.Though,she had been associated with UNICEF as the National Ambassador in India for over a decade,on the eve of their 70th Anniversary she joined the lineup of celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker,David Beckham,Orlando Bloom,Selena Gomez and many more,who have been bestowed upon with the position of ‘Global Goodwill Ambassador’.

“My wish for children is freedom.The freedom to think, the freedom to live.” In the first week of May,Priyanka attended UNICEF’s fundraising event in South Africa,to shed light on the obstacles faced by children affected by violence,abuse, neglect and exploitation.This glittering social event was not the only part of Priyanka’s visit to  Southern African region,but she also made few field trips in Zimbabwe to form the first hand impression of the situation on ground.

Although her time was narrow,she made a distinct effort to meet the children who are counting on UNICEF for help and tried to fathom their needs and challenges.This reminded me of the time when Princess Diana visited people marginalised by society,and addressed their issues in a very personal way,spending endless hours listening to individual stories and problems of the people.Diana,used her royal profile to raise awareness and funds for charitable purposes.Named as one of the hundred most influential people in the world,Priyanka’s visit to Zimbabwe as well as her work with UNICEF,will certainly draw the attention of the society to such worthy causes.

After her field trip,Priyanka attended a media event in Rosebank to give feedback on her experience and learning. As per PC,the trip was extremely insightful and the reason this trip was important,was because the statics of violence against children is disquieting.In her address,PC urged that this is no more a problem,but an epidemic and this is our problem to solve.

Till date,I have always admired Priyanka for her charm and elegance,her work and for her fashion statements.But while watching these interviews,something she said,made me moon over her even more.“We are very privileged,all of us.We get to wear great clothes,we get to drive in cars,go to school and choose our careers.But,if you are privileged,it is your social responsibility to give back to the society in whatever way it is.It doesn’t necessarily have to be money,but also your time,your compassion,opening your hearts and actually seeing these children not as statistics but real people.We are the means to an end.” 

‘Priyanka’ is no more just a  star studded celebrity name but a spark that can ignite and inspire many more Priyankas in the world to become the woman she is and that is why I dedicate this blog to her. Also,as this is a life and style blog,this post would be incomplete without some style inspiration ;).

I really love how Priyanka’s dressing is always on point and apt according to the situation.Throughout the field trip,she opted for a minimalistic look comprising of simple tees,jeans,shirt or comfy bottom wears.I have picked up one of the looks from her field trips and recreated the same by incorporating as similar pieces as I could find.Keeping in mind the keyword minimalism,the casual look comprises of a ragged jeans,plain black tee,a boyfriend shirt and pair of slip-on shoes.The look is quite easy and hassle-free and can be created effortlessly by using off the shelf pieces. Check out the pictures below and do share your views and feedback .:)

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The Bohemian Blues

Hello Dearies,

How’s your weekend going? It has been a while since I have posted a fashion blog.Though,I had planned to post this blog two weeks back,but then due to my travel plans,I was unable to do so.But,I really hope you are enjoying my trip stories and the pictures too. 🙂

Now,coming to the fashion blog,the bohemian look is one of the much sought after trend this season.Be it the crochet or lace staples,mesh fabrics,sexy cuts or maxi gowns made up of lightweight texture,this particular trend has given us a lot of ways to experiment and play along with different styles.

If we take a look at the fashion diaries of “Coachella valley music and arts festivals” we can find a lot of inspiration fit for captivating and dreamy street and beach looks.Also,this trend is quite easy to carry and perfect for summertime as it includes slouchy fits,lightweight fabrics and flowy dresses/gowns.

My personal opinion is to go for a simple outfit and team it up with chunky and bold accessories or a pop of colour (colour blocking) for a striking look.You can easily find pieces from your wardrobe that can be paired up to create a chic and bold boho attire.

For this look I have used a ‘asymmetrical hem kurti’ as a maxi dress by cinching it along the waist line with a brown belt. I had got this kurti stitched from a local tailor in Indore to use as ethnic wear,however I feel it looks much more adorable when worn as a maxi dress. Also,the“Dabu” print material gives the entire outfit an“Indo-western” feel.

To accessorize I have used simple pair of loop earrings,beaded bracelet and some metal bangles.You can always add more jewellery depending on your liking.However,keeping in mind the hot weather,I went with fewer accessories.Lastly,to add a pop of colour to the outfit,I have gone with red strappy heels,matching it with the patch work on the dress.

There are lot of other options and inspirations to create such vivacious,sexy and bold boho looks.My personal favourite is to use Indian prints(in western outfits)along with large stone accessories and contrasting colours.Let me know what is your idea of a perfect bohemian look. Looking forward to your lovely comments and feedback.

Happy reading.  :*

Photo Courtesy: shubham_kumar123 (

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Denims & Pom Poms

Denims have always been an evergreen and classic trend. The versatile indigo colored cloth when paired with another fashion piece can make any outfit look chic and stylish. Till now we have witnessed lot of denim trends such as denim on denim, patch work denim,boyfriend denims, each one having it’s own charm. However,for me the current eye candy is the kutch work denim jacket worn by Alia Bhatt in her latest movie. I thoroughly loved how the embroidered ethnic style is blended with a western wear and effortlessly worn to a disc.

The amalgamation of kutch embroidery with denim is a perfect example of indo-western fusion style. Taking cue from this contemporary trend I have created a look-book where I have accessorised a classic denim shirt dress with colorful pom pom jwellery, pom pom flats and a kutch work tote.  I feel the pom pom accessories and the kutch work tote give a colorful edge to denim thus breaking the monotony of a monochrome outfit.

So, without much ado have a look at the pictures and share your views and thoughts on the best ways to create an indo-western look. I would love to hear my reader’s take on the latest look-book . Till then, HAPPY READING .. 🙂


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Style My Tee with “Adimanav”

Hi Everyone,

How are you today? I am doing what I always do best on a hot summer afternoon , “lazying around on my bed in my super comfy pajama top”. The curtains to my room have been drawn tightly shut ,so that the afternoon heat cannot reach me and then I am planning to enjoy my sack time as soon as I finish writing this post. Though I had thought of going on a street shopping spree with my mom but then both of us have ditched the idea fearing a heat stroke. 😀 ( “Do you too cancel plans to avoid the hot spell of the weather ?”) 

I wish I could just shut myself inside the house till summer ends but I do need to go out for work and other stuff so Plan A is definitely a wishful thinking 😛 . Now,if I must brave the summer wrath then Plan B includes wearing clothes that are super comfy and stylish at the same time. “And what is better than wearing a sassy tee?”

Slogan tees are a huge rage these days. It is the perfect outfit to wear what you have on your mind, be it a single word, a one liner or an entire quote. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing such tees in their airport looks. And the best thing about them is that they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you would like to wear them.

For quite a while I was searching for an online site/store from where I can buy slogan tees which are trendy, cool  and budget friendly,posing a quirky quote. And so ,I was introduced to ‘’  having an awesome collection of fashionably witty tees in pocket friendly prices. Here,I have created two different looks using two different tees from their latest collection. The first one is a casual pairing with an ankle length jeans and the second pairing is with a mini skirt which is slightly dressier.  For a better party look you can go a step ahead and pair your tee with a metallic skirt or a balloon skirt and up your style game in a jiffy. :).

Apart from tees, Adimanav also has a selection of other goodies such as mobile covers, badges,coffee mugs etc. Do check out the site and browse their mind blowing collections. Also let me know in comments how you like to pair your tees and if you want to see any other pairings and I will try to create a look book using your ideas. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your weekend… !!  Ciao.. :*

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