One of the many trends that I am obsessed with is the animal print. I remember purchasing my first pair of leopard print jeans(though not a very flattering one),when I was in high school.It is more than ten years since then and the trend is still going strong.I mean look around and you will find this particular trend taking the fashion world by storm.

What is more,is that there are endless possibilities to choose from-be it bags,belts,jwellery,hair accessories or clothing, this season is all about animal prints(Also,have you had a chance to spot the tortoise shell eye makeup or manicure on your Instagram feeds?).

The trend also takes us back to the iconic 90s fashion which is currently having it’s moment in the sun.We all love the 90s and on top of it,we have the animal print that instantly elevates any outfit.While we are on the subject,let me talk about one distinct animal print that has recently gained momentum and is making it’s mark everywhere.Yes, I am talking about the snake print trend.

Personally,I am terrified of snakes,but I can’t say the same thing about this burgeoning print which is also a major fall trend.While I love nudes and blacks,I am always inclined towards prints or colors that break the monotony of an outfit. However,if you are not a big fan of brights during the fall weather, you can always add punch to your outfit by opting for snake print in shades of greys and browns.

I,on the other hand, love my colors. So,for my first piece of this eye catching trend,I chose a neon colored high neck, full-sleeved snake print top and paired it with a hunter-green mini skirt. I loved playing with two different shades of green to give the look an edge and provide it with an instant pop of chic. You can also keep it simple by pairing it with a black jeans or a black trousers or maybe a black midi skirt.

Now,from dresses- to-shoe- to-bag, every brand is currently stocking up on some form of snake-effect print. However, if you want to indulge in this fashion forward look without paying major bucks,then SHEIN is your alibi my friends. The entire outfit(minus the boots) cost me around 16$. Also, these pieces are so versatile that I can pair it with lots of other articles already in my closet and that way I have a win-win situation on my hand.

Enjoy the photos and also let me know how you feel about this trend and if you would try it.

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